"The trip surpassed my expectations. Being in nature is wonderful and gives a terrible kick! The environment was incredibly beautiful. It was enriching to leave all daily comforts behind: being together in nature whereby giving priority to primary needs like food, exercise and staying warm (or cool) and especially ENJOYING all the beauty that surrounded us. We all were out of our comfort zones, but never in a way that it went too far".

"On cold nights I now look back with laughter. I will definitely continue walking, it provides me with so much ... it's so wonderful to be in nature and be active".

"I regularly think back to our magnificent and special adventure. Sometimes it seems almost unreal to me (the small tents, hiking with a rucksack through the mountains, the mighty landscape). For me, it was very beautiful and special, there with you all"!

"I still feel a kind of 'pride'. I thought that I would be far less flexible. I had the most wonderful time with you all on that mountain. So nice, that I will definitely spend a few days trekking in the Alps next summer".

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