Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tailor-made wild camping trip cost?
With 4 participants € 540, - and with 5 participants € 430.- Additional costs are approximately € 100. These costs are for a hotel stay based on half board, carpool costs and any local parking and / or lift costs. The hotel stay is booked by NatuurGeweldig and is based on a shared 2 person room. (with sufficient availability, a single room or a family room can be chosen)

What is included in the tailor-made wild camping trips?
Each tour is tailor-made and carefully prepared. This means that the choice of area and difficulty takes into account the differences in fitness and mountain hiking experience. In addition, the tour is run where the weather forecast is most favorable.

Food during the wild camping tour is included (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and tea). This also applies to related material: use burners, pans, water bags, tent and water disinfection. The camping trip itself lasts 3 nights. During the tour, the guide reacts and anticipates on several variables: weather conditions, trails and the condition of the participants. No trip has the same course. The guide plans breaks, searches for safe water to drink, chooses the place to pitch the tents. He is also very experienced and trained in guiding these types of tours and is certified in outdoor sports first aid.

How hard is a trip?
A basic condition is needed. This means that you can hike for 4 hours in hilly terrain without any problems. During the planning of the tour, the differences in fitness between the participants are taken care of as much as possible. You walk with a backpack that weighs between 9 and 14 kilos. The weight is divided according to capacity. Perhaps most importantly, you are willing to leave comfort behind. You wash in a stream and the toilet is in the wild. If this step in unpolished nature appeals to you and you have a basic condition, then you have the right luggage to experience this adventure.

There are three levels: from easy to challenging. The guide individually creates additional challenges or a moment of relaxation for each level.

What is customization?
Every tour is tailor-made. This means that individual possibilities are taken into account. In addition, there is the option to compose a group yourself and go to an area of ​​your choice and determine the level. Consider, for example, longer trips to Iceland or Norway. The date is determined in consultation. In addition to fixed dates, there is also a list of interested parties. When this list is filled, NatuurGeweld will mediate in finding a date.

Are the starting points of camping trips accessible by public transport?
In practice, carpooling is done. The destinations are generally difficult or difficult to reach by public transport. If you want to travel by train, an appointment will be made so that a group member picks you up by car at a station in Switzerland close to the starting point of the tour.

When are the departure dates for next year known?
These will be published in the autumn. If you want to be kept informed, request the newsletter.



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